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5 Way Scart Splitter Box

Enables up to five consoles, videos, DVD players, satellite receivers or camcorders to be connected to one television or video or up to five televisions or video from one output source.
£0.00 * RRP £ 12.99

Anti Nap Alarm

Anti nap alarm helps you to stay awake when driving and prevent an accident.
£0.00 * RRP £ 4.99

DMC Cross Stitch Pattern Designer (PC)
DMC Cross Stitch Pattern Designer lets you turn your favourite photographs into a cross-stitch pattern in 5 easy steps and includes 100 Library patterns for use in your own designs.
£0.00 * RRP £ 19.99

All in one Mouse Pad and Wrist rest

This high quality dark blue all in one mouse pad and wrist rest will offer both comfort and performance for you when using your PC.
£0.00 * RRP £ 8.99

Cable Tidy Kit

In 3 easy steps you can tidy up those messy cables behind your PC or Stereo. Fully adjustable and easily detachable.
£0.00 * RRP £ 8.99

PC Booster (PC)

PC Booster contains all the secrets to making your computer fast and stable in minutes - without spending any money on hardware!
£0.00 * RRP £ 29.99

Mamas and Papas - Dreamin' Live (Music CD)

This packed live album showcases the Mamas and Papas biggest hits, including 'California Dreamin', 'Monday, Monday', and 'Dedicated to the One I Love'.
£0.00 * RRP £ 14.99

AND Route Planner 2005 UK and Ireland Deluxe (PC)
AND Route Planner 2005 UK and Ireland is the most complete and user-friendly route planner available.
£0.00 * RRP £ 39.99

Encyclopedia Britannica Ready Reference 2005 (PC)
Quickly find answers to everyday questions in 25,000 articles and 1,200 videos and images with Encyclopedia Britannica Ready Reference 2005.
£0.00 * RRP £ 29.99

Last Night Of The Proms (2 Disk Music CD)
Last Night Of The Proms is a packed double music CD showcasing 29 songs of the finest Proms music. Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
£0.00 * RRP £ 14.99

Fantastic Four Activity Studio (PC)
Create you own Fantastic 4 themed posters, cards, play exclusive games and much more with this packed activity studio to celebrate the launch of this years must see movie!
£0.00 * RRP £ 14.99

Archers Adventure (DVD)

Nicole Kidman stars in Archers Adventure. A determined jockey takes his horse Archer on a long adventure that will change their life's forever.
£0.00 * RRP £ 14.99

John Wayne Collection: Neath The Arizona Skies (DVD)

John Wayne stars as Chris Morrell in this epic Western movie where he must protect a child that holds the key to an untold fortune.
£0.00 * RRP £ 14.99

Star Wars - A Musical Tribute - Perfomed by the Filmscore Orchestra (Music CD)

This packed Star Wars music tribute CD covers all of the pulse racing and intense music featured in all the Star Wars movies, perfect to get you in the mood for Return of the Sith.
£0.00 * RRP £ 12.99

Corel Draw 8 Essentials (PC)

Corel Draw 8 Essentials includes CorelDRAW 8 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8 allowing you to create and edit images with some of the most powerful and easy to use tools at your disposal.
£0.00 * RRP £ 49.99

Bob Marley (2 Disk Music CD)

Bob Marley's status as an iconic and influential musical legend is perfectly demonstrated on this packed 2 disk album. With 47 tracks this album is a must for all music fans!
£0.00 * RRP £ 14.99

Nero 6 CD/DVD Burning Software (PC)

With its many useful features, Nero 6 easily meets all your CD or DVD burning needs. Nero 6 is just what you need, no matter whether you want to burn DVD videos, data, audio or backup copies!
£0.00 * RRP £ 19.99

8 x Recordable DVD-R 4.7GB (-MINUS Version)

Latest 8x Speed Specification, with a storage capacity of 4.7GB these reliable brand of DVD-R's are an amazing purchase at an unbelievable price! (DVD+R Also available - CLICK FOR DETAILS)
£0.00 * RRP £ 12.99

Systran Translator Professional (PC)
Reliable multilingual translation into and out of French, German, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.
£0.00 * RRP £ 129.99

Universal Headphones with built in Microphone
These high quality Headphones come with a Microphone attached. Perfect for talking over the internet and can be used with many sound and video editing programmes.
£0.00 * RRP £ 19.99

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Same here cookies allowed, but site says no cookies. Can only gain access with firewall off, (not a good idea).
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Nice find David. I hope they honour it. I will be waiting to see if they debit for the postage.
Nice find, but can i ask what everyone ordered.. as i carnt see nethin?

for those having problems go to the main page (Click the savapoint icon) and look on the left menus for loyalty should see the items listed!


Just ordered mashed and all went fine. BUT got an e-mail saying thank you for ordering ray charles cd. Can't really complain though for £2.99.
thanks mate, great find!

just ordered internet protection software for kids. just what i needed
Thanks david. The Systran professional translation software came yesterday and I used it today to email an hotel in France. I was getting sick of the frogs pretending they don't understand English and the talking louder system does not always work.
Well the English/french works, I have just had a reply, hope the french/English works or I'm f**ked.
:Cheers: :Cheers: