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Aug 29, 2001
FREESAT BEIJING OLYMPICS will be the real roll out of Freesat as we now know it. All the cages have been rattled and the moaners and groaners complaining about the new Freesat TV boxes and receivers.
One prominent mouthpiece abused their Freesat position speaking at the annual BADA or British Audio-Visual Dealers Association conference by speaking with a forked tongue about Freesat set top boxes. I don't think I would have minded so much but all boxes we have tested have had a far superior picture quality than anything else on either other satellite receivers or terrestrial TV including Freeview although we do no know some peoples type of TV's with in-built Freeview have excellent quality pictures, but it's worth remembering Freesat is supposed to fill a void for those viewers who cannot get either normal TV or Freeview.
Freesat is hardly off the ground and we have mob mentality who are playing judge, jury and execution merchants and giving no thought that it is their monies from their licence fees paying for Freesat because the public requested it in the first place.
We have made no secret about being 100% behind the Freesat venture;
You do not have to be a genius to work out that Freesat will evolve better as a venture with choice from pay nothing to possibly pay something. The pay for TV method at present has restrictions and contracts on different individuals who would not mind so much if they could select individual channels themselves to make up their own group of television programmes to watch or video for later. This idea although workable in thoughts can never work in principle. Pay TV could never cope with millions asking or requesting individual channel selections
Pay TV at present only has free TV to encourage or persuade individuals to subscribe to pay TV, it is not meant for distinct and choice free TV.
Freesat has the potential to be a monster so big, preparation cannot and never will be enough to cope as more and more viewers realize their favourite film or programme will eventually come on their free TV. The viewers who want the latest films will always buy or hire.
Freesat users;
Let's not miss the obvious,
the great majority of TV viewers, whether they are terrestrial, Freeview, satellite or Freesat are only looking for certain things which many seem to miss.
Good clear picture is always first choice. The TV or receiver or satellite box brand name is not important as long as the picture is good and clear.
A close second is the sound quality. Viewers do not want hissing, sync delays, heavy bass, echo or tinny sound, they want natural.
You ask 95% of viewers about the satellite box or receiver and you will get short sharp comments about "the less I need to touch that the better".
You can leave all the other nonsense to the side as this matters not.
A good clear picture with good sound and a box that never needs touching is the ideal TV viewers choice and the freesat boxes ALL fill that void.
taken from bbc freesat hd tv blog