Fix for CrossEPG reverting to Internal Flash

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Sep 24, 2004
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Having investigated this problem I've discovered that the CrossEPG Configure screen is what is actually causing the config to revert back to Internal Flash. In lay mans terms there's a check within the Configure screen that tests to see if the USB/HDD or other mounted media is read-write but a command that it uses as part of the test randomly fails. When this command fails it removes all mounted media so only the Internal Flash is presented in the Configure and the only way to get the mounted media to appear is to restart Enigma2.

The offending code is shown below, the line with the touch command fails, so it thinks the USB/HDD is read-only therefore doesn't present it as an option in the Configure screen:

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There are 3 fixes for this:

1) Configure CrossEPG to use your USB/HDD and then never check the config via the CrossEPG Configure screen. You can check the setting by looking at the files /etc/enigma2/settings (look for the line/setting config.misc.epgcache_filename) and /usr/crossepg/crossepg.config (look for the line/setting db_root).

2) This workaround masks the problem, so the problem is still there, CrossEPG is set to use Internal Flash but the work around redirects the epg data to your USB/HDD. When CrossEPG is set to use Internal Flash it creates the folder /usr/crossepg/data in which it stores the downloaded data. The workaround is to create a symlink called data in /usr/crossepg which points to the target folder /media/usb/crossepg or /media/hdd/crossepg.

With the above in place you can leave CrossEPG set to Internal Flash as it doesn't matter as downloads will end up being redirected to the USB/HDD.

To create the symlink, use DCC, browse to your USB/HDD and create the folder crossepg in /media/usb or /media/hdd. Then browse to the folder /usr/crossepg, if there is an existing data folder delete it. Still in the folder /usr/crossepg right-click the free white area in the left hand pane you'll get a context menu, select New Symlink and enter the details as shown below (change /media/usb/crossepg to /media/hdd/crossepg if you want to use the HDD):


The following shows the results after creating the symlink:


If you've done things correctly, then when you click on /usr/crossepg/data it should take you to the crossepg folder on your USB/HDD.

Then do a download and even though it's set to Internal Flash it should push the files onto the USB/HDD.

3) This last solution actually resolves the problem with the Configure screen itself.

The attached contains the following modified code:

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Save and extract the attached modifed file Then use DCC to copy the file to the folder /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/systemPlugins/CrossEPG overwriting the existing file. Delete the file /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/systemPlugins/CrossEPG/crossepg_setup.pyo then restart the box. To check that the revised file is in place, after the restart check that the file crossepg_setup.pyo has a date/time stamp the corresponds to roughly the reboot time.


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