Explosion at Hare Krishna temple in Leicester


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Jan 28, 2007
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3 September 2010 Last updated at 17:05 Explosion at Hare Krishna temple in Leicester
BBC News - Explosion at Hare Krishna temple in Leicester
A Hare Krishna temple in Leicester has been partly destroyed in an explosion, with reports of people trapped inside.

A third of the terraced property on Thoresby Street has been destroyed and is too unstable for crews to enter.

Specialist rescue teams and equipment, including search dogs and thermal imaging cameras, are being used to establish if any casualties are inside.

It is thought that gas bottles being used for cooking at the temple could have exploded.

A wide cordon is in place around the building, which is still on fire.

'People screaming'

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Fire Service confirmed they have had reports people were inside the temple at the time of the blast.

BBC reporter Jonathan Cecil said he had seen a couple of "walking wounded" outside the building.

Eyewitness Fatima Khatri said: "We were all working and we suddenly heard a big bang and for one split second we thought it was a bomb, so we all ran to the window.

"Suddenly we heard the other bang and we saw all these flames coming out and we just could not believe it because the whole street was shaken up.

"Everyone was really nervous because all we could see is the fire and people screaming and running around, all the children couldn't stop crying and it was a terrible devastating scene."
It seems Krishna was looking down at the right time as everyone was ok.

I hate gas bottles with a passion, I remember one taking out a flat in a block in Miles Platting Manchester. Since then the council have banned them in high rise blocks.