EXCLUSIVE: XCI Explorer Released for Switch Game Cartridge Backups


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May 2, 2005
Soon we going to need some good management tools for our (cough) pirated warez, ie. using those nice BBB releases for playing on our Nintendo Switch consoles via the SX Family of products, and future other open-source modchip/CFW releases, so to that end this XCI Exploder, its not perfect, but it does the job needed, extracting certs., injecting them, trimming the ROMs, splitting them, and so on.

Enjoy the ready to go package below, complete with the needed keys and other tools!
-- Now we just need someplace, somewhere, a website to appear with unused 'certs.' to inject, and tool to dump your own private ones from original game cartridges that you own!

Looks like it's the same idea the way they made the 3ds games work playing on LIVE (you had an original game cert injected into a pirate game and you can use that to play LIVE without getting Banned) ;)

Download XCI Explorer
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Sep 6, 2017
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