i am also curious about the eurovox 2 and can it be flashed etc.....
eurovox 2

yes me 2 how does this function images ? files? i heard its plug it in and of you go is that right ? any 1 have a clue on this ......
It works very simlar to dbox, ie flash image scan for channels.
but have read epg not as good as dbox.
if you search for it there as been a few threads on the subject.
would like to hear from anyone who has experirence of one of these boxes or any one who has ordered 1..........................:Cheers:
The EGP is terrible on the eurovox, also the channels can not be listed into bouquets like the DBOX2, making channel hoping a nightmare, if you have a great memory, then cool you can remember which channel is on which number if your an old grandad like myself, i'd stick to the Dbox .....

So far eurovox has performed very good for me, scans and finds all channels very quickly even in powerscan mode, i feel the picture quality is a little better than the Dbox maybey its because it can select RGB mode though im not sure, absolutely no picture skips or sound problems, no hissing at high volume and asthetically alot better looking and smaller, small enough to sit on ur desktop next to ur computer. EPG is limited yes but bearable and really tv guides are free with everything, i still use a Dbox as well because it is more versatile and there is more support for them at the moment in terms of people writing software for them and keeping one step ahead of the known providers. Also if you want to stream to a computer and back up some of ur favourite programs then the Dbox is better although personally i have did this with both mac and pc and have never been impessed with the quality and u will experience the odd frame skip and maybey even a crash of the software you are using,
So in conclusion Dbox if you love to tinker
and for simply watching TV channels eurovox is my choice.
the eurovox is a great little box, no freezing or sound problems unlike the dbox.
easy to use menus, channels can be sorted into 4 fav sections. it will do a normal scan for channels or a powerscan, another good thing is that it can be used via scart or normal rf.
like i said its a great box and i have had no problems at all with mine.
there is a user manual in the download section if you want to read up on it
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anyone thinking of buying a eurovox please dont be put off with people saying the "epg" isnt very good.

When i was ordering mines and i seen that people spoke about this "epg" not being good , it made me wonder what the heck it was.

its nuffin to be honest, all it means is that when your watching say "top of the pops", when you press the info button you will either get limited info about the programme your viewing or no info at all.

For me it means feck all, just pick up the tv mag and see what time a programme starts that you want to watch and turn the channels, simple as that, no big deal at all.

Remember, you will always get people trying to sway you away from buying something that they dont personally own, iam not like that, ive seen whats available eurovox and dbox, and my opinion is the eurovox is far far superior, although the dbox is good too although it looks old and is old where as the eurovox you can buy brand new..

You cant go wrong with either box, iam not biosed, but iam into my state of the art stuff and dbox certianly doesnt look state of the art, looks like a scabby old pace box to be honest, blah blah blah.

hope this helps ya mate :)