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May 10, 2010
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has any one created sly channel list using any tool?
i used one of the SLY channel list created by soome one else
it is in the format of 101-BBC1 and favourite list has normal sly bouquets

i want to edit this channel list
i want 101-BBC1 and then want movies, sports, kids bouquets
and then i want to reorder the channels within the favourite list

the problem starts here
when i try to move channels in the favourite list, the main channel list also changes
BBC1 is no more on 101,
so unfortunately i cannot reorder the channels.
any help here
I too used that channel list and just edited through the box what I needed too. I have had a little practice with tese type of channel lists before with an Echostar receiver and they are a bit of a pain , but you do get there in the end. Just remember to save your list if you are updating your image. Also when you re-insert your list on the new image I have found you have to rename your favorite list titles again.
thanks for reply
were u able to change the order of channels in favourites?
my problem is when i change the orders in fav, the main channel list order changes too. can i avoid this?
Not sure if you can avoid it , but you can move any channels around in any list. Trial and error I'm afraid on that. I have tried all the channel editors but cannot get my head around them to be honest.