[DOWNLOAD] TM5402HD M3 Channel list supporting the latest pat


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Apr 13, 2007
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TM5402HD M3 Channel list supporting the latest patch issued 24th August 2016

Motorised 100cm dish covering 52 east to 45 west
All transponders updated for new channels
BBC Olympics has left 28.2 east
Arena Sports on 39 east
Use this list with the TM-F3/5

Other TM's & receivers using this NDF file system can use this list but may not be able to view all the channels,

Leave on channel 153 for a couple of minutes to update your epg on 28 east,
Data base cleaned up & all dead transponders removed,

Blind Scan Guide
To prevent unwanted transponders on your data base use these parameters when Blind Scanning,
For example 10 east:-
10965 to 11190
11250 to 11690
12510 to 12750

7 east
10965 to 11190
12510 to 12750
Never go outside the feed band or you will add DTH transponders

Blind scan working ok on feed satellites use my channel list as a Master to go back to if you have any problems,
Do not load key files with this list as they are embedded in the patch add new keys manually.

>>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TM5402HD M3 Channel list supporting the latest pat <<<
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