[DOWNLOAD] OpenPLi-4-Dm800HD-sim2-ssl84d-Backup-by-alimac


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Feb 21, 2013
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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD >>>>> OpenPLi-4-Dm800HD-sim2-ssl84d-Backup-by-alimac


ArabicEntertainment 6.2

Cool TV Guide V7.3.0

CrossEPG 0.8.1

Dflash 13.0

ITV Player

Media player

Media scanner


PluginMover v0.6

Rats DW channel updater

Rats DW Picons updater

TSmedia 9.4


CCcam 2.3.0



2mb memory spare

Note:1 Dflash backup now works without removing sat cables etc

Note:2 To adjust the remote sensibility go to: menu - system - input devices - dreambox remote control (native).
Set "Change repeat and delay settings" to yes
Set "Interval between keys when repeating:" to 200ms
Press green button (OK)
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crossepg working fine here mate
irl give it a go thanks epg didn't work on the last one for me
I like the alimac in the top corner m8ty will let you no about epg later
please do as seems ok here

map to usb or HD
thanks m8 epg workeda treat

can you help me to set it up as I would like I want to put tspanel on as I find it easyer to sort thing out that way cheers and thanks tony49
personally i never use tspanel as it can be troublesome with some images sorry mate cant help you with that

but glad the epg works for you
ali is the a proble with the epg on this one now daughter said its not been on a a fue days
unless another change it should be working mate

not handy to box to check @ minute

more info may help
bear in mind useless posts will delay