[DOWNLOAD] iptvplayer_155.03.06.00


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Apr 13, 2007
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whats new:
-Fix search for kisscartoonme, fix listing for 9cartoonme and add favorites functionality for 9cartoonme, chiaanimeco, kisscartoonme,
-Fix search and Live channels listing for the host svtplay.se
-Fix reported host crash.
-Fix hosts 9anime, filmy3deu, mrpiracy, ninateka crashes
-Inform user that some host required python in version 2.7.9 or higher
-mrpiracy fix links extraction
-Add new service wizja.tv/ to the host webstreams
-Improve listing of items in the prijevodi-online.org/ subtitles provider. This should speed up subtitle search.
-Add new subtitles provider prijevodi-online.org/
-Add support for more links from kabaret.tworzymyhistorie.pl/
-Fix links extraction from facebook
-Add new host kabaret.tworzymyhistorie.pl/
-Restore ClicknUpload - it is working
-Filter not supported hostings for the host icefilms
-Fix uptobox.com/ links extractor
-Update hosts list.
-Add new host paczamy.pl/

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On which image is the above file supposed to work? Though using dcc it said installed I could not see the plugin in dreambox8000 using nemesis as image. Thanks.
Infact it did not as a window appeared on dreambox as it stated there was no magic number in folder.... Strange with this info bar.... Anyway I think its time to change to a new image but my problem is that necessarily I need CCcam 2.1.4 to run my SRG Card else it stops. And one year ago had this problem as CCcam 2.1.4 was not in the list. May be it is now?