[DOWNLOAD] Backupsuite version 17.1


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Apr 13, 2007
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Backupsuite version 17.1

Backupsuite version 17.1

Changed in version 17.1
First of all as you will see the skinning is completely changed.

A full changelog is visible under the info button

Completed the following languages, many thanks to the contributors: French -Talbs, German - Biki3, Greek - Glamourservices (new translation), Polish - Blzr, Slovak - Dym1, Spanish - Agmuser, Turkish - RogerSSD.
I'm still looking for translators who can translate into: Italian and Russian

I added a line after all the translation work, the English text is: "What is new since the last release?". I translated it with googletranslate and added it. If it is not properly translated please let me know what the proper sentence is for your language.

After installation there will be checked if there are still remains of the old plugin, if the old folder BackupSuite-HDD is present it will be deleted. (There could be left an old speed.txt.opkg or speed.txt.opkg.backup file)
Replaced the picture of the plugin.
Played/tested somewhat with the Python code (still heavy learning)

Added support for the STB Ixuss Zero (thanks Athoik for supplying the data for this receiver)

Thx Pedro_Newbie
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