Cricket world cup climax!!

Who will win the world cup?

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dont know why but i reckon sri lankans will do it
they hid there bowlers against australia and it mght prove to be a good it looks like it could be sri lanka and australia final....
its been the worst world cup ever Australia have been too good for every other team, it has been so lengthy that it has lost its excitement and it is boring. Goods teams lost to minors, coach got killed over a lost match. ITS just NOT BEEN CRICKET
hate to say it but im glad england are out! How come the county that has most professional cricketers in the world & plays the most domestic one day cricket anywhere in the world can be so bad at it?. A reluctance to acknowledge problems everyone else can see,panic as soon as the opposition shouts BOO!,Dads Army fielding & post match speeches consisting of "we can learn from this" -The only thing we learnt was how to lose.

Hopefully we'll have some good games when we eventually have the semis. I honestly think its still anyones cup....Australia (although undisputed best in the world) havent had a poor day yet-and all slates are wiped clean in the semis....with final in barbados and fast bouncy pitch fancy winners of sa/aust to take it.

It took us years to accept the rest of the world was playing in coloured clothes -(how ridiculous we looked in whites at the 1st few floodlit competitions in Oz)

looks like its going to take us years before the handlebar moustaches acknowledge you may need to try and score in the first few overs of a one day game-rather than just take the shine off.
Aussies are just too good but as bert1 said, final is in Barbados and that may help SA as they like pace, if they get through that is.

I am also glad England went out, unbelievably dull, they dropped Joyce and he was playing shots...o.k so he got out a few times by going for the shots, but Vaughan was getting out and not playing many shots. Vaughan should do the right thing and retire the bat from ODI and concentrate on tests matches.
has to be the aussies they are so strong
I think aussies may win but

i would love it if it was

South Africa for me i just don't know why but i back them. Either way for me the winner of the semi between Aussies and South Africans will win the world cup. I wish anyone else good luck just don't want the Aussies to win.
Austrilia will win. they've been awesome as yet. adam gilchrist especially. they beat Bangladesh by 10 wickets but SA lost to Bangladesh.
Adam Gilchrist has been average the stand out performer has been Matthew Hayden

yeap....mathew hayedn......god knows what hes been eating...
i think he will easily beat sachin's record of most run in one world cup...
Hayden has been outstanding, head and shoulders above everyone, his record for fastest ODI was pure ODI cricket in fact in was more like what you would see in 20/20
the aussies for me shame england r out but not good enough , i cant c any other team left in causing an upset
What is Sachin Tendulkars record and how many does Hayden have?

Sachin Tendulkar has 673 runs in his 11 matches he played in 2003.
Mathew Hayden is on 580 in 9 matches...

this just shows that winning team plays same number of matches as they did in 2003 worldcup but this one seems to drag on now...

But what a finale to super eights...quality match
After last nights game the Aussies look far better than any other one day team, dam!
this just shows that winning team plays same number of matches as they did in 2003 worldcup but this one seems to drag on now...

Gooner you are right and wrong at the same time m8 but my post is not to split hairs with you but comment on the tournament, its format and the rules that in my opinion cause this..

yes it is a drag- and I love cricket. The tournament never seems to be in the same format 2 competitions running....and before a ball was bowled i thought the organisers had found the perfect format from S8 on- I cant believe tho that places in later rounds can still be decided on how much you;ve smashed one the lesser nations by....might as well draw lots.

This time the winner will have played (and runner up-Australia LOL) 11 matches (you may have overlooked the 3 games in the first stage) In 2003 it was just 8.

this year a first phase,super 8 phase sf and final-
In 2003 2 groups of 7 proceeding straight to semis
This year 16 teams in the finals
2003 just 14

It is a drag because there are more teams, there are more games and as the extra games cant possibly involve test standard teams there is much less interesting cricket. In fact the 2 of the most exciting games involved england-in panic mode and rising from the ashes. Maybe 2 other games were exciting SL v SA and the first SA vAust match apart from that predictable. I dont wish to sound chirlish but I think the format was created for the inclusion of India and Pakistan and not Ireland and Bangladesh-so the writing was already on the wall when one big name fell, 2 must have been a marketing disaster.

there will have been 51 games and I can only list 4 worth talking about and one of those was in a dead rubber!

Have to applaud Ireland in getting full ODI status -think that means they never have to qualify for any future finals-they are there by right good luck to them.It creates a problem though with semi pros as they look brilliant one day and awful the next. England are just awful all the time LOL.

I want to see as many teams as possible playing the sport -but because of its nature and it takes 7 hours to play the weaker teams need the stronger ones to make bigger mistakes over a long period to get even close -It just doesnt happen but there are signs that Bangladesh in a few years time will be more of a force. Maybe we'll have to have super 9s or odd one out..LOL...but you have to find a format that gives the outsider the opportunity to play and the rest of us the excitement that this tournament is lacking.

I think we're looking in the wrong place as to changing rules to make things exciting.
Before the new powerplay rule we used to moan about the "middle overs" . Crash bang whallop for 1st 15 overs and last 10-15 overs and this middle period of nothing. this is because every batsman is biding his time for the 5th(duffer) bowler who is nowhere near as good as the others. We should share the overs between 4 (no more than 13 each) and you can use a 5th bowler if you want. This would have solved that problem and given a good contest between bat & ball.Batsmen dont hang round waiting for duff bowling in tests.
it would if anything make him more selective rather than simply going through preriods where 1 will do...

Anyway Im really disappointed....bit of a damp squib really....
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