Casono royale 500000

from what i have been told, it's when u sign up onto the playstation network, so u can download the games and some flims.
But as with some of the stuff not being free and u have to pay, i.e films and access to some game networks, im not sure if ur will have to give you card credit details when u sign up.
below site has a video of someone signing up to the PS3 network

seems u have to register then, so how does that work when it comes to having a ps3 nick name already from the sony site.
Might have to pick another one to get the james bond film.

yes, i was wondering that too. i have already got my user name. so if i need to, i will just make another just for the purpose of getting the film.

the docking station aint required as far as i know. if you got a digital camera, mp3 player or something that has a mini usb port on it, then you will already have the lead to charge it. its the exact same connection. so i wouldnt waste money on it.