Can anyone scan for MBC2 on 26e or 7w ?


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Jun 28, 2005
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Not to worry, 26e (Arabsat) has most of Sky's channels on there, and I didn't pick up a single channel on 7w Nilsatt.

chrome :(
Can you view the channels I listed in the 'ExtraTV' section ?? Are they unscrambled ?

chrome307 said:
Not to worry, 26e (Arabsat) has most of Sky's channels on there, and I didn't pick up a single channel on 7w Nilsatt.

chrome :(
you need a big dish for nile sat,i used to use a 1.2 mtre and could only pick up a few channels on nile sat
I wonder what size you do need in the UK for nilesat? I get it in Spain on a 70cm no problem, and I just checked for you Chrome and MBC2 is clear. I noticed MBC2 and MBC4 have english programs and i'll pay more atention to see if the others do. English seems to be on many programs but with arabic subtitles.

What size dish you using Skinback? I would also have thought that you should get 26e in the uk but i really dont know the size dish u need.
anyone know where Aljazeera Sport is as I thought it was on 26E but cannot find it.
I've got a 88" triaX, theres 183 channels on 7W only a few that are unwatchable because signal strength is below 40%. I heard that they sometimes lower the signal strength on 7w. I can get 26E as well. Chrome I not sure which channels you what me to check? As for Aljazeera Sport i never could find that channel maybe it is listed as a different name, I thought it was Kuwaitsport+ on 7W, I'm not sure.
so thats good news, you can get 7w as well as 26e as long as your dish is set up correctly and getting a direct view to each sat.
MBC2, MBC4 and One TV seem a worthwhile addition, lots of usa series, comedy and films, all in English.

As for Al Jazeera chans they are definitely there. The free-to-air sports chans that you were looking for- ie. Aljazeera Sports1 and Aljazeera Sports2, are named JSC Sports 1 and JSC Sports 2 when you do a scan.

I guess different areas in the uk are gonna need diff size dish, but on doing a bit of reading it seems that Verticals are stronger than Horizontals on 7west and mostly you seem to need 1.2m size on average.
As for 26*East that may be slightly stronger than 7west so that would be best in the uk, but for me I cant get 26east, but have tons of signal on 7w :).