C62 printer problem


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Jun 16, 2005
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Near Paisley
anybody know about epson printer faults.

The printer is intermitently flashing red then green light,its a c62,tried the usual stuff,checked for anything inside,pressing buttons to try and get it to do cleaning or paper feed with no luck.

been online,these guys tell u the basics then tell u its f...ed and u need to take it to a shop and pay stupid money to get repaired when most of the time a new printer is best.

had it a couple of years and still have some cartridges for it so would like to try and get it goin.

also i have a program that resets printers,cant even use it as the program cant even see the printer, comes up sayin (printer off, or some other problem).

any help.

cured it with Epson Servies Software, tried most things then i did a soft reset and it worked a dream.
If anybody has not heard of this software its in the downloads.
Great program to get by counter settings that epson make in there printers.
Used it on 2 printers now and if i hadnt they would have been binned.
Many times have u got flashing lights on your printer and not been able to cure it. (try this)
i had this problem a couple years ago, and posted here.

that util saved my printer from the scrap heap and saved me a few quid buying a new one.
great wee tool,ive passed it on to a couple of mates of mine.