Microsoft acknowledges it's not HP who's auto-installing printer Smart app on your Windows


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Feb 21, 2013
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Towards the end of last month, users online started complaining about how their system was automatically installing HP's Smart app for printers, even when there was no printer on their PC. As the issue was fairly widespread, soon after Microsoft acknowledged it too, confirming that almost all versions of windows were affected.

Since it is HP's app that is being installed, the initial impression from many people would likely be that somehow the company may be responsible for this bug. However, after further investigation, Microsoft has confirmed that such is not the case.

While the initial post about the issue on the Windows health dashboard only stated that printing processes and jobs shouldn't be affected, the tech giant has now edited that part to add that HP is not responsible for the mishap, along with additional information regarding printer functionality.

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Wow, thanks Microsoft for that insight.

Hmmm... if it's not HP that's installing it, it must be... gosh... that's a tricky one... 🤣