business accounts with bad credit history


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Nov 26, 2004
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hi guys

do any of you know whom i can open a basic business account with i have a bad credit history few defaults in the past etc but ive been to major banks and been refused :(

im just wanting a basic account no credit or overdrafts etc?

anyhelp will be great
same sort of thing happened to me m8 but just with a normal acount try barcleys m8 you gotta do it by post tho....
normal account i can open its the business one im after mate
natwest offered me a business account was just a cheque account but it was a business account
i got 2 with lloyds tsb m8, tell them you have funding from the local council to start a business but you must prove to them that you have a business account before they will release the funds to you. tell them you dont want any overdraft etc and they will open it there and then ;)
ano mate on the forms ill filled in it had acount types and bussines was there so it may be worth a try
thanks guys ill give it a shot on monday :)
Natwest do a step account for people with bad credit history.
It is a basic no cheque book no overdraft account, where you are starting a fresh with them. They will gradually add additional services to your account once you build up your rating with them.
Im sure they do a similar one for businesses also.
try royal bank of scotland or natwest i have both of these on low credit rating