Best Price For A Dreambox 500c?


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Dec 3, 2006
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I'm looking to get a dreambox 5ooc (an original) anyone know where I'll get the best deal for it from a reliable source?

Got mine from

HAd a few bits from him and never had a problem.

nobodies offered him the choice of a fake either....£75 delivered from china works as well as my original dreambox.

no warranty though but for 75 who cares...but if you want piece of mind for a year get one from the links above.
I notice a lot of people are buying the DM 500C and not bothering to wait for the DM 600C PVR. Anyone have any info or likely dates for the DM 600C release?
Dream are stopping production of the DM500 soon and the DM600 will be the replacement. So an the coming weeks/months, there's a good chance that all the DM500's available could be fakes.

The DM600's release was held back because they thought it had been leaked and cloned.

DVB Systems are still selling them but their price has went up to £125 per box + £10 P&P. The P&P is still £10 if you buy 2 boxes. Email them at [email protected].
I got this email yesterday;


Dream said to me the prduction start this month, but in China is now the new year and no one didn´t work the next days.

I really didn´t know when it comes now.

Yours sincerely,
DVB-Shop24 Team

So if they start production this month could be as long as two months untill we see them.
only trouble is with the 600c that i can see is that you still need to buy an hard drive for it so another £70-£100 for a decent size drive and i believe from what i have read that it has to be a 2.5 ide drive as most new computers have gone to sata drives now will there be a shortage of old ide drives

dvb-shop24 seems to be the cheapest i have looked on ebay the only way u get them cheaper if you buy in bulk