American Visa Application Process - FREE till 8th September!


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Jul 23, 2005
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If any of you are planning to visit the states within the next 2 years on the visa waiver scheme/programme, the process has changed, one has to register there details here
before flying to enter the states under this scheme, at present registration is free, from the 8th of September they will start charging for the service, so best to get your applications in now regardless of whether or not you guna go there in the next 2 years or not!
Not all fields are mandatory, just fill out the details with the asterix next to them, my application was accepted within seconds of submission. Remember, this still does not guarantee you access into the states, it's merely a new screening procedure they are implementing! You will still have to fill out a visa waiver form on the plane after this also but cannot enter the states under the Visa Waiver Programme if you ain't registered with ESTA first!!