Alton Towers £10 and no queues!...........

Mar 21, 2005
Alton Towers £10 and no queues!

off another forum..........

Bit late now sorry but I just got back myself and well worth it! Anyway tjjere is still 2 days left of Adrenalin week.

The deal is £10 each opens at 12 closes at 6 only the big none water rides are going although nemesis is broke! Nothing needed pay on the door. Some touts were there pushing a £5 entrance thing ?? I think thats a scam and it was not worth the risk when it was only a £10 anyway!

So I went in at 12.10 did Air, Ripsaw, Runaway Train, Pinball Wizzer, Oblivion, and Rita all twice and a go on the Corkscrew and Enterprise and left the park at 3.30!!! So as you can see no queing. This is the first time they have done this as a trail and not publised it that much although it is on there website so like park is very quite.

And the acceleration on Rita is nearly too much to take!!
Get yourself down (or up) at the weekend if you get chance.
Oct 11, 2005
lol :p i went there b4 stayed on a campsite with family like the hotels expensive ;) was good fun they had an offer like this b4 there like where u pay a lickle bit extra and u dont have to queue up like its a quite good idea i think