Aldi Medion PC


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Sep 26, 2004
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Could I get some of your views on the medion PC thats up for grabs this Thursday peeps???? I'm seriously tempted!!
I've personally never brought one, but for the prices that Aldi Charge, they are usually very decent machines. I don't think you could build your own PC for that cheap!

Looks very promising.
Ive had a Medion (Aldi) pc for about 3 years now top notch pc :) no probs at all
They are a good pc i got one years ago and its still the biz ,only use it now for dwn/loading stuff and have my other machine for gaming .
The only thing i will say regarding the medion pc is that upgrading them can be a pain as everything is crammed in there no space at all for for you grubby hands but overall grt pc .
i think people just hear Aldi and panic into thinking there machines are crap , but value for money is what u get duel core proccesers are decent so thumbs up hear , people just need to analize the spec of the pc , and what they are actually gettin for there money.
regards biffo
make sure if you want it that your the first person in the queue lolz as with these computers each store stocks a maximum of 2-3 machines lollzz
It's probably the first manufacturer I've seen to include a DVB-S card in their PC. How much does it cost for a Satellite to make any use of it?
I got the last one they were selling and it's a cracking machine.
Thanx for the inputs the missus to stand in line this only had 9, looks good, can't wait till weekend to get it up & running.:eater:
Sin 3 go today mate and one chap had 2 thinks thats 1100 spots nice.

Still did look a good by if you had the 550

Have fun i ant