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Aug 24, 2003
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Not sure if you saw in The Sun today a video that was on YouTube of a lad called Andrew and the effects of taking 4 ecstasy tablets. I am looking for it for educational purposes of course.

The user who put it on was - nicolley1992 but it has since been removed.
what education do you need mate this was rediculous should not have been shown

shame on the poepl who put this on youtube they should be banned
Education as in saying I have seen it. I am intrigued as to what is was all about. Have you seen it?

If not, I don't feel you can comment on it. I have only read what the paper said.

If it was a video of Britney with no pants on again, then I'm sure it would be different.
Maybe if it showed the extreme side-effects, such as lying motionless practically dead, then it would be educational. But if it's him just going mental like most people on E do, not exactly educational. I've not read the article but I'd like to
last time l looked it was a free country if earwig999 wants to watch they he can .
its properly a setup up anyway