80gb ps3 out on 29th of august!


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Nov 9, 2005
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PlayStation 3 is the industry's most advanced next-generation home console hardware, realised through the combination of Cell and RSX processors.

With the Giga-bit Ethernet and a pre-installed 80GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as standard in PS3, PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to download a variety of contents as well as access on-line games and services over the Playstation Network.

Equipped with basic input/output ports, PlayStation 3 supports a broad range of displays from conventional NTSC/PAL standard TVs to the latest full HD (1080i/1080p) flat panel displays, offering PS3 owners the joy of the most advanced computer home entertainment content. For use in living rooms, maximum heat and noise reduction has been achieved with a noise level equivalent to that of the current slim-line PlayStation 2.

With the overwhelming computational power of the Cell processor, PlayStation 3 is capable of playing back content from Blu-ray (BD) disc at a bit rate of multiplex 48Mbps with ease, the maximum bit rate defined in BD standards.

Comes with the new DualShock 3 Controller! The PlayStation 3 80GB model does NOT feature:

Backwards Compatibility with PS2 Games
Memory Stick Card Readers
SACD Playback
Ethernet Cable
4 USB Ports, (The PS3 80GB model features 2)