32" Lcd Hdtv £599.99 ?


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Nov 10, 2004
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Seems to be a good deal to me.....but you lot always seem to know better.
So waddya think.
Hi m8, this is a really good price, dont know anything about Prima (manufacturer) but for what you get sounds a bargain
Sorry but I just dont get it. HDTV isn't even out yet so paying for one of those is like tossing cash away
err but if your investing in a TV now you shoud go for HD. Sly are releasing their HD box in March I believe. You can sign up now for the pre-order.

The price is very good, it's cheaper than some TFT monitors. Whether the resolution is the best I do not know as I too do not know this badge. I did find this info though on a PC magazine review. It got 3.5 stars out of five and was listed with a price of £1362. This got a similar rating to a Samsung that's priced at over £4000. The review date is October 05.

Prima LC-32M5S Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution / Refresh Rate (Hz): 1366 x 768 / 60 Hz
Luminance cd/m2: 450
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Viewing Angles (Vertical/Horizontal): 170 / 170
Pixel Response Time (ms): 23
D-SUB/Composite/Scart/Component/S-Video/DVI-I/D/HDMI: Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes/No/Yes
HDTV Ready / Compatibility (720p / 1080i / 1080p): (720p / 1080i)
Integrated Speakers: Yes, 10W x 2
Weight (kg): 21
Accessories: Remote Control, Power Cable, A/V Cable, Composite Cable
Thanks for the replies I think I'll stick with my Bulky 32" crt till it breaks.