255 Modem

Never seen one of these myself but
from what I've read , you do them
the exact same way as the 250
Just been given a couple of these, are they done the same as 250's?? Thanks in Advance
i've never seen them but some1 on here a few weeks back said that ther ther the same as 250 and can be flash the the same way
cheers, just need to get myself a Max232 lead. I see they are around a tenner on Fleabay
contact wayneeboy19117
he a member on this forum his is around 6 pounds and next day delivery and it very good
All sorted am connected with my new modem. Wonder if anyone would know the answer to this please.

I am just going to change the setting to get 10 meg and i need to put something in here

TFTP Server IP Address: [x0.xx.10.x54] type in the IP of your TFTP server here

Where do I get my NTL(ex c&w) TFTP server IP Address from?? As Im not sure what to type in here??

I have a few mac addresses with it looks like IP address 11.12x.12.2xx ect...is it this? or do i need another program to do a scan?

Thanks for all your help so far
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if u go to local area connection /support/details/network connection details/DHCP SERVER...this is your tftp server ip adress just enter it in hyperterminal and

copy and paste

enable force_cfgfile true
go to ur router page and check if it shows da dhcp ip settings
use dhcpforce and put in your mac your using then click file/discover it will then give you your tftp server address
All working 100% thanks all. If anyone else needs some help in the future... I should be an expert with all of the hours I have spent on it.... lol