1gb mp4 player


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Mar 31, 2006
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This great MP4 Player with many functions including Music & video playback, FM Radio, Voice Recorder & FM Radio Recorder. With high quality products inside, this unbranded product will make you stand out from the rest with its renowned Nano style.

This players full features are listed below

* 1GB (GigaByte) Samsung Internal Flash Memory.
* 1.5" 65K Colour LCD Screen
* Silicone Case.
* Earphones.
* Charger.
* USB Cable.
* UK Adapter.
* Driver & Software Disc.
* USB 2.0 & 1.1 Compatible.
* Plug & Play Device (Windows XP Home & Pro).
* Full English Manual (easy to read).
* 12 Month Manufacture Warranty.
* Built-In Lithium Rechargable battery (no more looking for spare batterys).
* Built-In Microphone.
* Built-In FM Radio (Normal Band Compatible).
* Record FM Radio.
* MP3 ID-3 Tag Compatible.
* Lyric File Compatible.
* Multi-Language (Preset to English).
* Listen to music.
* Watch Movies/Music Videos/Tv Shows.
* View Photos.
* Ebook Reader.
* File Encryption (be able to encrypt data on the flash memory so no one else can see it, Great for important documents).
* Sleek, Sturdy lightweight design.

Comes complete with a silicon case, earphones, usb cable, travel adapter, charger, the lot and a cd for the video converter. i bought 3 of these, 1 for myself, 1 for a m8 and another just to have but need some cash hehe

these go cheap on ebay and it is you choice, i was going to start getting these and selling them on alot but the amount of bad feedback that has been given about them because of scammers/ebay sellers its not even worth my while so i just gave it up. these little things work great. im sending them FROM THE UK you wont get any import charges, ebay sellers dont tend to tell ya about that, i got stabbed with import charges aswell wen i got these 3

lookin £40 including recorded delivery payable by paypal or send me the cash

My mate bought a 2gb one for £19 off ebay lol
ya most of them on ebay are fakes they only have 512mb or 1gb trust me