10 MEG, but only getting 6.5 meg !!


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Jun 13, 2005
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I have ten meg running but when I do a speed test I only seem to get 6.5 !

Anyone have any idea how to sort this out !!
speed test aint accurate m8....dependent on traffic you should be getting about 1180kbs down and about 69k uploads

iam running 10mb but if i do a speedtest say testmy.net itll show about 3.5m

ps dont expect miracles on a lot of your fav sites/downloads,many r no faster than when you where on 1mb
gaz try d/l say wmp10 from m$,that should give u an idea of what your getting
Im using a SB4200, will give the media player ago
i put a cloned 200 on last night.
i could see the 10meg config in the 192 page,but it wasn't no 10 meg. i think the best i got was 4.5.
maybe thats the trick?
It says on chetnet that they are capable with frimware upgrade.
So i aint gonna take the upgrade so wont get the speed.
I'll try it on a sb5100e tomorrow maybe?

Mind you downloading was ok but surfing!!! the pages were changing so fast it made me feel sick!!!