Thread: uhf modulator ??

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    uhf modulator ??

    i downloaded DW's latest image and i have to say it's great work digi really has come on leaps and bounds. Ive a small problem im running a uhf cable from my living room to upstairs - on the old image the picture upstairs was perfect , . ive turned the uhf on ,on my tm800 set it to channel 41 and then went upstairs and auto searched to get it in my tv , only problem now is picture is there but it's very bad , ive tried fine tunning both tm800 and tv and still really bad - any ideas what ive done wrong .

    when the tv is searcing for it - it goes through number with c infront and then numbers with s infront andy ideas what the s is about as it finds the cahhnel on c41 but from memory the last time i had it saved ti wasnt found on c (if that makes sense ) it's a samsung plasma btw



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    Re: uhf modulator ??

    S is for the vhf band m8. Check the coax plugs on the cable. Glad you like the image, next one has webinterface improved

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    Re: uhf modulator ??

    remember to set audio to 6.0mhz,rather than the default 5.5mhz,so youre audio is perfect

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