zgemma h5.2tc

  1. chookey

    Sky Sports Golf missing

    Just flicking through the channels and noticed the Golf has disappeared. Using ABM and a zgemma. Could someone have a look see if they still have it and post the frequency etc; please? For 4 days each week it's the only channel I watch and Sawgrass starts tomorrow :) I have updated abm config...
  2. chookey

    No audio

    Great timing, lol. Put my zgemma h5.2tc on standby last night, turns it on a few minutes ago and no audio. Quick check of the forums incase there was a Service Provider issue but looks like it's a fault. Box is only a couple of months old so will have to see where I stand after the festive...
  3. chookey

    Can't connect with mgcamd

    I've been battling this problem for 2 days now, Zgemma H5.2TC with Openatv 6.1 Trying to use mgcamd 1.38, CCcam clears no problem. I have a test line which has been tried by another member so that's ok. Can't understand what I'm doing wrong
  4. Rat

    Zgemma H5.2TC Backup plugin ?

    is there a plugin that backs up the zgemma h5.2tc on PLi 4.0 I know you can do it within software management on Open ATV which I have done successfully but cant find where on PLi Ive read BackUpSuite doesn't work Thanks