1. Rat

    OpenATV Picons

    I've set it up to how I like it :) 1 small issue I've got is picons are not showing on epg I'm sure this is just a setting needs changing somewhere but the menu layout structure is different to what I'm used too (PLi) Anyone know what I need to change please :)
  2. Napster

    [DOWNLOAD] Snapman's DW SNP Picon Set 28.2E & VM

    :new update ptv globel new style (sky tv) thanks go to @snapman
  3. Napster

    DW Bonus Ball, Saturday 9th

    @spud1966, @smoggie, @manic01, @bobby123, @thomasjcat, @miggy, @gez, @rawsy, @craigneuk, @digi247, @Ratts, @shaun127, @joe516, @Tamarc, @trevortron, @Delster, @DoomedEarl, @suds, @srgberian, @charlie senator, @wiz569, @bigd74, @bigbadblue05, @overthefence, @johnboymartin, @tottenhamboys, @turner...
  4. Napster

    dw picon pack

    picon pack updated new sky sports SD and HD and craft market added DW Picons SNP 28.2E and Virgin Media (Made by Snapman, Maintained by Napster)