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  1. HibbyDave

    Windows 10 update problems

    I've started to get problems with windows 10 updates not installing etc, so I'm wanting to do a clean install, but the problem is I don't have a copy of win 10 pro, the one on the lappy was a free upgrade when they introduced win 10, I upgraded it from win 7 pro, so how does one get a copy and...
  2. mas05

    options please

    ok guys im well out off the loop these days, im from back in the fun card days.... I live in a none cable area so i guess thats out of the question now, so for us that live in a none cable area what is the best way to go? zgemma mag iptv ??????? i couldn't find a gen chit chat so chancing it...
  3. The Beatles

    The Beatles

  4. The Beatles

    The Beatles