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  • Hi srgberian,

    Are you able to do sat installs?

    I was on the cable scene until recently but want to move to a motorised dish setup. I would like to get full uk sly channels and 3pm kick offs to watch my beloved Man Utd.

    I live in walsall and used to have a sly+ sub so i have had a digi dish already setup.

    Any recommendation on dish and sat box (HD), (3d), and any quotes for you to install would be great.

    Many thanks for your time J18
    Cheers geezer but which pic u talking about. Saying that your album pic looks damn hot also :)

    Oh the pic - thats Gemma Atkinson!!! Beats Cheryl Cole for sure :)
    Hi n thanx for stopping by:) Get a cold one from the fridge :drink:and enjoy it as life is too short ( . ) ( . ):Wave:
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