1. Grimeire

    Sat and freeview(soarview) pole

    Hi, I want to fit a sat and a freeview aerial to the same pole but am unable to find any big enough. the biggest one i can find is not coming out enough before turning up. I need one that comes out about 12 inchs (300mm) and then extends about 30+(750mm) inches up. The orientation of both is...
  2. alimac

    livelounge 5.0.8

    all you need to feed your needs adfree
  3. Rat

    Freeview Re Tune Needed 02/08/2017

    You will need to re-tune your TV/Receiver Over the last few years, Freeview has been growing – so much so that the TV guide is bursting at the seams. To make room for new channels we are updating the TV guide on 2 August. All you need to do is retune in the afternoon or evening to get the full...