1. K

    Serviceapp epg

    Hi guys. I have installed serviceapp from the feeds. Openvix vu+solo2. Have set playback system as exteplayer3. (Have to say iptv plays very smooth on this setting). But the only problem is epg is not showing up in channel lists. But is on info bar and multiepg. It's also showing in channel list...
  2. GIO

    Other General IPTV EPG File

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a general EPG that can be used in perfect player,guys i deal with stopped supporting the app and its pretty crap with epg. Ive looked into other apps but theirs not much about that's decent. cheers gio
  3. bilabonic

    ADVICE - Lost EPG on my Zgemma H2S ?

    Hi All My Zgemma has suddenly lost EPG, it Woosh build and has EPG Importer in Green Panel. It has All Rytec providers selected BUT when i do a manual download NOTHING happens ? Anyone any ideas why ? Is there a new IPK file out there or can i download/update it via the box ? Also when...
  4. Napster

    crossepg builtin to openvix

    I did a fresh install of openvix 5.027 last night I thought I would try crossepg on VM but I couldn't get cross to update xlmtv providers so I could setup VM any one had this and sorted it. cheers
  5. dar1437

    USA/CA Epg?

    I've got Epg for all the UK IPTV channels, but i can't get any info for the USA/ Canada channels. Is there an apk like TVGuide+ for these channels? Cheers, Dar
  6. johnny bravo

    Iptv question epg

    Hi I've got Vu+duo2, got a iptv sub for a month, thought I'd see what it's like..good actually, but I have wifi connection, no direct vm connection yet. But will do..anyway my supplier sent me a m3u script which gives me the necessary bouquets but epg is none existent.I got the following reply...
  7. johnny bravo

    epg not working

    hi guys - seems ihave the same issue again regarding epg, normally a reflash of the box sorts it but not ths time. anyway i have a vu+duo2 with bh 3.0.3 latest i have a cable tuner, anyway i cannot download the epg anymore, when i use the autoboquetmaker thats built into the image i get all the...