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    Pompey taken over again

    Portsmouth have been taken over for a third time this season after Balram Chainrai seized control, subject to passing the Premier League fit and proper person test.

    Chainrai has taken over the 90 per cent shareholding in Pompey that was held by Ali Al-Faraj after the club continually defaulted on loan repayments.

    The Hong Kong businessman had loaned at least 17m to Faraj to keep Portsmouth afloat through Portpin, the company he owns with his Israeli business partner, Levi Kushnir, and their associates. Those loans were secured against the stadium, the club's future television revenue and Faraj's 90 per cent share.

    Angered by Portsmouth's failure to make the repayments, despite Portpin continually extending the deadlines, Chainrai's patience ran out on Wednesday.

    Under the terms of the loan Faraj's 90 per cent shareholding in Portsmouth was frozen and passes to Chainrai, who has confirmed Portpin will now look after the club's best interests.

    "Portpin have made substantial loans to Portsmouth to try and ensure the club's future," he told The Guardian. "Portpin will [now] continue to work for the best interests of the club."

    Meanwhile, Portsmouth are due in court to appeal against the petition from HM Revenue & Customs over an unpaid tax bill.

    Chainrai appealed to HMRC to understand the club's financial predicament, adding: "To help Portsmouth succeed we need the support and understanding of Her Majesty's Revenue to work out a solution."

    Sky Sports | Football | News | Pompey taken over again

    wtf's going on here??!!?? a club with no stability whatsoever.... now wonder they're in turmoil..... its ridiculous to be honest....

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    Re: Pompey taken over again

    Completely agree with you mate, it is disgusting what these people are doing to a great football club, I remember a few years back when we were in the Prem and played Pompey last game of the season at home to stay up and think it was for Southampton to go down and we won, it was the game I will remember cause of their fans, they were outstanding.

    Went to the pub with their fans after the game, had a kick about and generally a good time, they are real passionate fans espicially the nutter with all their names tattood on his leg.

    I personally blame Harry Redknapp, cause he bought the players which put them in that situation, how can a club like Pompey afford players like: Defoe, Crouch, Kaboul, James, Johnson etc, it is only a small club which is over achieveing by being in the prem their stadium only holds something like 23,000 I think so not much of an income for wages of the above players.

    Wouldn't surprise me to see Pompey ' Extinct ' in 2 years or less, something needs to be done to stop rich people toying with clubs, I thought the FA did some checks to stop this thing from happening sure they did with Birmingham and that Thai priminister

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