Thread: Aspartame....The silent killer.

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    Exclamation Aspartame....The silent killer.

    I'm new here.
    Just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of Aspartame E951.
    It's a food additive found in many products especially fizzy diet drinks.
    Get informed with a little research on the net, don't give this to your kids, do not consume.

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    Re: Aspartame....The silent killer.

    Refined sugar, HFCS, saccharin and other sweeteners are pretty nasty too. The trouble with researching on the 'net is knowing which articles to believe. Many are quietly sponsored by companies with a vested interest and may therefore not be entirely truthful.

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    Re: Aspartame....The silent killer.

    Don't touch artificial sweetners myself, because I hate the taste of them, However I'd add a note of caution here.

    Unfortunately the web is awash with 'health' advice with absolutely no regulation of any sort. Anyone without a scientific background can easily be led astray. Most of the anti-aspartame E951 stuff that you'll find quoted on the web is based on obsevational studies which can't demonstrate causation. Properly conducted conrolled trials, which provide much higher quality evidence, don't support the scare stories.

    Fizzy diet drinks are unhealthy enough anyway, no matter what sweetners they contain. They should be avoided like the plague.

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    Re: Aspartame....The silent killer.

    When launched there was little in the way of human in vivo studies. Since then, both the FDA and EFSA have run several meta analyses on studies and Cochrane reviews. All have said that levels within artificially sweetened food and drink are safe.

    The EFSA has set a safe level of consumption of 40mg per kilogram of body weight per day. The mythical, "average" person would have to drink 18 cans (nearly 6 liters) of diet coke to reach this level. Even the level that's "safe" for human consumption. The toxic level is some 4000mg/kg.

    As nara alludes to, it's other chemicals in fizzy drinks that people should worry about. For example; in vitro studies shows phosphoric acid, which is used as a preservative, can leach calcium from teeth and bones.

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