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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] Xstreamity V2.87 IPK & Deb Xstreamity V2.87 IPK & Deb

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Xstreamity V2.87

I have rebuilt the font file, so hopefully should be perfectly fine with Western, European, Greek and Cyrllic. See if that fixes some peoples EPGs

I have been messing with the play screen. I now forcefully convert aspect ratio to 16:9 on load (in case you been messing with your video settings). You can now also change this with your aspect ratio button and video mode button on your remote (depending on your remote)

Also added a few more infobar elements. Whether they do anything I don't know. InfobarBuffer (for slow streams) and InfobarSummarySupport (possible might show something on LCDs. I can't test that though)