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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] XStreamity 3.17 XStreamity 3.17

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XStreamity 3.17

KiddaC wrote

New Vod downloader.
Now downloads in background. No queueing downloads for this version. Only 1 at a time.
Now reports size of file.
If IPTV stream from same provider is playing when you start the download. I stop this. Its up to you if you start it again. Then you can blame yourselves and not me.

New VOD/Catchup resume
This was simple to do in the end. The components were already there. I just had to learn how to use them.
The storage for these resumes live in /etc/enigma2/resumepoints.pkl. This probably wasn't designed for 100s of VOD files. So might be best to keep an eye on it. If it gets bloated just delete all the contents of it to refresh it.

Thanks KiddaC