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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] X-Streamity - Xtream Codes IPTV Player V.2.50 X-Streamity - Xtream Codes IPTV Player V.2.50

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Update 13.10.2020


kiddac wrote
Whats new pussycat... (not a lot really apart from a restructuring of the screens)
New layout of screens.
As this plugin is now in a lot of feeds it needs to be user friendly as possible.
So the button choices are simplified and screens have been moved to more relevant places and not hidden away. (which will confuse existing users at first)
Edit playlist is gone. Replaced with Playlist settings on the playlist choice screen (live, vod, series, catchup)
The update button on this page updates the catchup channel list categories. (As its slow to load this list every time you open the plugin)
Adding a playlist via the plugin you now need to enter a short name for your playlist.
If manually adding playlists via playlists.txt file. You can now suffix it with a [space][hash][name] to use as the short name.
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New header for downloads that might help fix some epgs not downloading. My old one was too precise.
If bouquet markers are tagged by a different stream type I now default these to ** makername **, so to remove all the crap that some providers but in there. Bars, windings etc. Not all providers set a different stream type for bouquet markers though, so they will not be changed.
Better python 3 handling
Toys (toy story) skin now included in the IPK as default
General code tidy up and tweaks.
There has been some text amends and new text, so the guys that have provided language files might need to update them.
There is up to date po files in the english folder.
First release
Last update
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