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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] X-STREAMITY Enigma 2 IPTV Playlist Player X-STREAMITY Enigma 2 IPTV Playlist Player

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Multi Xtreams Playlist Player


Is beta version
Plugin is continuously updated after each reported bugs

Requires PIL image library.
Some builds might not have this. To install putty/telnet/terminal this command

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Note it doesn't do anything.
It doesn't play anything.
About section doesn't work.
SD boxes will not work as there is currently no SD skin. HD(1080) boxes only for now.
Dreamboxes might work. You will need to extract the IPK with 7zip and manually copy over files to the correct location.

Purely for testing the interface of my new plugin. To see if your playlists loads. To see if the functionality I have put in so far works.
Crash logs will be required for reporting any bugs. Crash logs may contain line details. Be warned. Edit out important details.

-Fixed - virtual keyboard error
-Fixed - lower case folder appearing in etc/enigma2
-Fixed - images missing scrolling text ( by including my own.
-Added - A longer delay on picons/cover art download for smoothing scrolling
-Added - EPG timeshift in Edit Server
-Added - Progress bar on channels that have EPG
-Added - SD Skin (although not tested - might be a few elements miss placed)
-Add a playlist.
-Edit a playlist
-Delete a playlist
-View user info
-View Live Channel list
-View Vod Channel list
-View Series Channel list
-Check buttons work
-Check interactions
-Check picons show for the few channels that will have them
-Check cover art downloads for vod channels
-Search functionilty - have to select all to search all (can be slow to load all for big lists)


Update 22.02.2020


-This might fix the exit crash on some images. It might not.
If it doesn't I will load up openvix and pure2 later and check my code on them.
I am not to familiar with this iPlayableService component, but I got it working on jedi catchup. So should be able to work it out.

Thanks kiddac
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