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VTi "Vu+ Team Image Duo" - V 6.0.2 - 03.10.2013 2017-06-25

VTi "Vu+ Team Image Duo" - V 6.0.2 - 03.10.2013

  1. Ferret
    VTi "Vu+ Team Image Duo - V 6.0.2 - 03.10.2013

    Update: 03.10.2013

    - increase image version to VTi 6.0.2
    - update dvbapp2 (2013-10-03)
    add option to show EPG data in timer list (needs skin support)
    add preview mode in service list (2X OK mode) (see option in VTi setup)
    add function to create folders from within MovieList
    set default nameserver for switching from DHCP to manual configuration
    fix possible crash in timer list at pressing EPG button

    - update VTiPanel (ver. 2.9-r11)
    - update skin AtileHD (ver. 1.4-r4)
    - update skin EyeSightHD (ver. 2013-10-03)
    - update skin WhiteLine (ver. 2013-10-03)

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