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TSmedia OE2.0_userstream.xml updates 7/12/13 2017-06-25

TSmedia OE2.0_userstream.xml updates 7/12/13

  1. Ferret
    TSmedia OE2.0_userstream.xml updates

    created & updated previous links(nstreamplayer) into userstream.xml to be watched with TSmedia OE2.0 only & TSmedia v4.7 oe2.0 beta3 should be already installed first

    installation of ipk file

    -install from telnet

    opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipkor
    browse file by filexplorer & install from ur box by execution
    ,then must restart ur E2

    -some categories updated & some still soon to be updated
    - general entertainment hbo movies & sky movies ok , uk chs r updated & still some chs from tv shows will be updated soon
    -arabic teledunet deleted & to be watched best with Tsmedia plugin
    -most of sport live sports ,ESP1&2 , jsc+1>jsc+10 ,BT sports & skysports uk & italy updated , some still soon
    -music only new great DANCE TV ch added , will update more & dead links soon
    -Movies category currently down & dvd rip new movies will be updated (DVDrip)

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