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TSmedia 7.99 official release -OpenPLI 4 2017-06-25

TSmedia 7.99 official release -OpenPLI 4

  1. Ferret
    TSmedia 7.99 official release

    -fixed youtube vevo
    -subssupport(searching,downloading and displaying subtitles) and mediaplayer2 projects are integrated with TSmedia
    The subssupport and mediaplayer2 projects and source are available here
    thanks for mx3Lm

    support for SubRIP (.srt) subtitles (supported all tags - Ubuntu font)
    support for MicroDVD (.sub) subtitles (tags not supported yet)
    correct displaying of special characters (automatic encoding to utf-8)
    dynamic change of encoding in case special characters are not shown properly
    auto-load of supported subtitles
    choosing size, color, font, shadow, background and position of subtitles
    possibility to choose external subtitles from filelist
    SD/HD skin compatible

    Subtitles search
    based on xbmc-subtitles project(service scripts)
    Currently supported providers:
    Titulkycom (login optional)
    Podnapisi (login neccesary)
    Subscene (needs update)
    Itasa (login neccessary)

    Controls-how to use subssupport

    ZOOM/5 - change aspect ratio
    RIGHT/LEFT - increase/decrease subtitles delay
    INFO(I) - when pressed in file/play list, it shows info in CSFD plugin
    SUBTITLES/TEXT - shows subtitles menu
    TV - refreshes subtitles position
    0 - mark position
    NEXT(>) - go to next mark if available/go to next item in playlist
    PREVIOUS(<) - go to previous mark if available/go to previous item in playlist

    --Favorites added to desktop of each section

    -- More flexibility in managing,installing and updating addons
    one click addon install and autoupdate feature

    one package will be available from this version,light,basic and full only available in the server for compatibility with previous versions only


    Click this Link to Download File:
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