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TSmedia 4.9 beta2 OE2.0 2017-06-25

TSmedia 4.9 beta2 OE2.0

  1. Ferret
    TSmedia 4.9 beta2

    -The plugin rewritten completely and folders tree rebuilt completely ,the code managed in different way,many extra code lines removed,favorites management now is more better
    all these changes made to accommodate new updates and new plugins will be added later
    also i tried my best to reduce the size of the plugin and in this 4.9 beta2(2mb) the size of the plugin reduced nearly 1 mb which is very good especially for limited capacity boxes like dreambox
    although not my target but i noticed the plugin and menus are faster and i thought it is just illusion but members confirmed that
    also many not working plugin fixed like Swedish subtitle site(dream),arabic(bokra) and others,small icons specific for each plugin added instead movie or tv icons
    helenic tv channels few are working but most not for reason i do not know,the links extracted from the site are right but not working

    advice to remove the previous version first before installation the new beta release to avoid possible interference of old folders with new folders
    also presence of xbmcaddons plugin may conflict with TSmedia especially with plugins imported from xbmc
    to remove old version either manually by any ftp software or from TSpanel-tools1-uninstaller-remove plugin folder
    This release only for oe2.0 images(coming version 5 will be for oe1.6 and oe2.0)
    available through TSpanel/Ts addons/TSmedia_library or from updates-library from previous versions

    Thanks to Mfaraj57

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