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TSmedia 2.4 enigma2 plugin OE1.6 Images 2017-06-25

TSmedia 2.4 enigma2 plugin OE1.6 Images

  1. Ferret
    TSmedia 2.4 enigma2 plugin

    All web media in your TV screen: Movies,radio,series,tvshows,iptv,youtube,dailymotion with all possible functions as background download, favorites ,self upgradeable,iptv channels frequent updates,easy manage user media

    IPTV: Arabic,kurdish and Thailand iptv feeds added,thanks for colo colo,duhoki and gmani
    m3u playlists cleaned

    Movies:added movie25 and moovizon,fixed movie2k to movie4k,improved other movies screens

    Favorites: favorites now stored in /etc/ TSfavorites.xml to avoid replacement when updating plugin

    Settings:added TSmedia lock and lock for porn media,plugin settings added through update panel

    Net TV:Istikana added again to arabic TV(needed glib-networking library for oe2.0 images)
    many arabic youtube channels added including live channels

    fixed bugs:
    mytube search function on vix image-vuplus thanks for Daddy Bear
    m3u playlist crash

    correct installation is important to receive and play the streams

    if plugin previous version is installed just
    from update icon do update and restart enigma
    or from TSpanel-addons-TSmedia

    new install:
    for oe1.6 images and openpli2.1:
    copy the plugin package from the download link down to box tmp folder and copy this command to telnet window and hit enter

    for oe2.0 and openpli 3.0 images

    in the telnet window enter

    opkg update
    hit enter and wait
    copy the following command to telnent window

    opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk




    Thanks to all friends,for all users reported bugs,forums hosting the project and mediaportal team

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