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TSimage-3.0-OE-2.0-dm800se-2015-01-10-ramiMAHER#ss 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret



    enigma2 : patched 4.0: 01.05.2015: by ramiMAHER


    use 4.0 branch for skins
    updated enigma2 defaultservices
    enigma2 20140924 -> 20150105
    - auto-fallback for some shoutcast mp3 webradio servers which are unhappy with HBBTV_USER_AGENT string
     (fixes GStreamer plugin text/html decoder not avaliable!)
    - ignore SDT caids when the service already have caids assigned (fixes a CI support bug)
    - only add 0x0000 caid as "scrambled by sdt indicator" when no other caid exists on this transponder
    - fixed another possible deadlock on skip forward/backward on mediafiles
    - fixed crash on change servicelist style after use another ServiceList instance...
    - fixed blindscan constellation display
    enigma2-skin-ts-metrixhd_2.1-r9 --> 2.1-r10
    enigma2-plugins_3.999+git4847 --> 3.999+git4877
    enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsmedia-oe2.0_7.91 --> 8.0
    enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaportal_6.1.3 --> 6.3.0
    enigma2-plugin-extensions-iptvlistupdater_git952 --> git982
    enigma2-plugin-extensions-advancedmovieselection_3.3.1-20140216-r1195 --> 3.5-20141115-r1237

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