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TSimage-3.0-OE-2.0-dm800se-2014-09-28-ramiMAHER#ss 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret



    enigma2 patched :2014/09/24: by ramiMAHER

    update enigma2 default services
    enigma2 20140624 -> 20140924
    - show "Rotor is exclusively controlled by this dreambox" only when diseqmode 1.2 is selected
    - small pip handling fix
    - fixed tuner internally connectable handling
    - small twisted reactor fix
    - fixed config element changed detection
    - dont allow to select listbox entries out of range
    - fixed possible deadlock on skip forward/backward on media playback with subtitles
    - fixed dvb-c fec 8/9
    - better browser user agent fix
    another fix for ERROR: Package version for package...
    enigma2-plugins_3.999.bb: increase PE to prevent errors...
    use enigma2-plugins from schwerkraft branch 4.0
    enigma2-tspanel_2.5 --> enigma2-tspanel_2.6-r1
    add enigma2-skins-ts-atemio to image feed (thx mmark)
    add enigma2-skins-ts-ilookhd to image feed (thx nimou6)  

    Click this Link to Download File:
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