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TM800_update-Dd-tmsw-20121021 2017-06-25


  1. digidude
    TM800 backup modified by digidude

    Plugins installed:

    1Channel streaming plugin, tested and working.
    Rats DW UK channel list updater, tested and working.
    LraiZers auto boquets, for those who want channels to
    have the same numbering as official Sky UK receivers,
    Set to Wales HD by default, but can be changed, this is
    an older version of the plugin for ease of use with the
    TM800 receiver, tested and working.
    Rytec EPG downloader, updated, and set to download
    48 hours of EPG every 24 hours, tested and working.

    Skin has been changed for HD viewing.

    Miniweb has been edited, spelling mistakes and grammar
    sorted out, as well as one or 2 other small edits.


    This image still has all of the original TM800 core level bugs.
    Internal HDD over 120Gb will cause issues with recordings etc
    120GB or less is fine. Carrying out a 'Factory reset' can leave
    the receiver in an unstable condition, this is the ONLY reason
    this image doesnt run the wizard after flashing.

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