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Dd-4D-backup-$lyHD_TMTWIN_20131210 2017-06-25


  1. digidude

    Based on the latest 05/12 4D release

    Both tuners set to single 28.2E
    CrossEPG set to auto download to HDD @ 4AM
    Autobouquets set to auto update to Wales-HD @ 3AM

    BBC iPlayer stand alone installed
    ITV player stand alone installed
    EPG search installed
    Rats latest picon set installed
    $ly-HD skin v0.5 installed, with edits to 2nd infobar to allow full synopsis to work, on now and next programmes, with signal info for tuned service
    boot surprise credit to pauldb
    CoolTV guide coloured buttons and OK button functions edited for more natural useage
    CoolTV guide layout tweaked for asthetics

    Ive intentionally excluded TSmedia this time, as so many things on it no longer work


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