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TM5302HD Channel list by William-1 July 15th 2013 2017-06-25

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TM5302HD Channel list by William-1 July 15th 2013 using 100cm motorised dish 46 east to 45 west

This tbn file can also be used with the TM5502HD

About this list:
I mainly use the TM5302HD for feed hunting + fta CAS & Biss you can add all TV to any satellite
as the data base is fully upto date,

There are 65 satellite slots available on the TM5302HD
with a 15,000 channel capacity for either all tv or a mix of tv & radio

The position of each satellite is controlled in Rename,
Go to satellite set up thenclick on RENAME by pressing the Green button

Enter the position 1st then the satellite name 24.5W Intelsat 905
this way you can compile your own channel list,

Broadcast satellites
53 west spare
50 west spare
47 west spare

45 west IS-14
40.5 west SES-6 soon
37.5 west Telstar 11N
34.5 west IS-903
30 west Hispasat
27.5 west IS-907
24.5 west IS-905
22 west SES-4
20 west NSS-7
18 west IS-901
15 west Telstar 12
12.5 west Eutelsat 12 west A
11 west Express AM44
8 west Eutelsat 8 west A (soon to be joined by 8 west B -Hotbird 13A)
7,3 west Eutelsat 7 west A
5 west Eutelsat 5 west A
4 west Amos 2 & 3
0.8 west Thor 5 % 6 + IS-10-02

3.1 east Eutelsat 3D
5 east Astra 4A
7 east Eutelsat 7A
9 east Eutelsat 9A
10 east Eutelsat 10A
13 east Eutelsat Hotbirds 13B,13C,13D
16 east Eutelsat 16A
19.2 east Astra-1 satellites
21.5 east Eutelsat 21B
23.5 east Astra 3B
25.5 east Eutelsat 25C
26 east Badr-4
28.2 east Astra-2 satellites
30.5 east spare
31.5 east Astra 1G (No signals in my location Essex UK)
33.2 east Eutelsat 33A
36 east Eutelsat 36B
39 east Hellas Sat-2
42 east Turksat 2A & 3A
45 east IS-12
46 east AzerSpace
48 east Eutelsat 48C (No signals atm)
52.5 east Yahsat (No European beam atm)
53.5 east Express AA22 (Out of range of this set up)

Feed Satellites
42 east
28.5 east
23.5 east
21.6 east
16 east
10 east
7 east
5 east
3.1 east

1 west
5 west
8 west
12.5 west
24.5 west
30 west

test satellites for future use
37.5 west test
45 west test
47.5 west test
55 west test
58 west test

To keep your data base upto date delete dead transponders & then Blind Scan the satellites
Menu advanced search select transponder via the blue button to tick then press the green button to delete,

On feed satellites you can also press the yellow button to delete all transponders then Blind Scan to find active transponders
This option becomes available when you press ok on any transponder.

The Blind Scan is very thorough using 1MHz 2MHz 3MHz 4 MHz steps for feed satellites use 6 to 16MHz steps for Broadcast satellites.

Use the latest software issued July 1st 2013 for the TM5302HD (Same goes for the TM5502HD)

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